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when she was killed. a runner captured this view of the attack with a camera mounted to a helmet. and now investigators are asking the public for more video and photos that might give them critical clues. >> this will be a worldwide investigation. we will take all the evidence and the leads take us. we will go to the ends of the earth to identify the subject or subjects who are responsible for this despicable crime. authorities collected evidence such as black nylon, bbs and nails and will begin the process of reconstructing bombs. the fbi says it's received 2,000 tips but won't say what it found when it served an apartment. a saudi man once considered a person of interest has been ruled out. meanwhile doctors continue to try to treat people injured in
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the attack. and the 8-year-old who died is seen here holding a sign that says, stop hurting people. the taliban has denied any involvement. president obama announced he will attend an interfaith service for the victims, on thursday. eric rasmussen. right now we want to show you live pictures being held at garvey park. this is a vigil being held at garvey park. that's a town not far from boston. you can see here hundreds if not thousands of people have all come out to remember the victims of the bombings yesterday. this is also the neighborhood where 8-year-old martin richard was from. he was one of the three people who was killed. he was the little boy who was waiting near the finish line for his mom to complete the
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race. live video of a vigil being held for the victims of the bombings. another victim was a little boy from martinez. john sasaki is live, you just spoke to his father about his injuries an how he is doing. >> reporter: i did talk to haren. he is the father of the 11-year- old from martinez. he told me his son is a strong kid who should make a full recovery. >> aaron is doing pretty well. he is stable right now. he's resting under sedation. he has a breathing tube in so they want to keep him sedated so he can tolerate that. that's a precaution right now. and just to give him a couple of days to recover a little bit. >> reporter: now aaron and his father and sister were in boston to watch his mother who ran in the boston marathon. right now by the way, we are at rocks on main. tonight they are having a fundraiser for the family for
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the hern family and it's things like this that has them appreciating their tight nit community. >> they are very fortunate because they were between the two blasts. >> reporter: her grandson aaron was between the two blasts. >> he had a lot of other abrasions. >> reporter: aaron and his family live in this martinez home. their neighbors is a photographer who shared pictures of aaron and is planning a photography fundraiser on tuesday. >> it's not enough. it's not enough. i can't do enough to help them. it's unmanageable what they're going through. >> reporter: aaron attends martinez high school where flags are flying half staff. everybody is doing what they can by raising money. >> if each ninth grader can raise 1 dollar, we can raise $1,000. students signed notes of
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support for the family. >> everyone definitely felt, it hit hard. it hit hard at home because everybody knows him and everybody knows that family. >> reporter: aaron could return in about two weeks after another surgery. you can count on this city giving him a heros welcome. that's around the time of his birthday. patti lee was just blocks from the bombings yesterday. patty is live in boston tonight and patti you spoke with bay area runners there at the site of the explosion. >> reporter: we're live at one of dozens of vigils here in boston tonight. this one is near the blast site. you can see people have dropped off flowers, balloons and left messages. among them are bay area residents grappling for answers tonight. >> reporter: the finish line of
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the boston marathon today became a memorial of sorts for the 140 injured and the three lives lost. >> like everyone it's emotional to go back there. >> reporter: melissa malone says she cannot wait to fly home tonight and hug her children. she says she witnessed the explosion after she stepped out of the medical tent. now she can't forget the horror. >> i saw two big explosions at the finish line and immediately called my husband hysterically and tried to get out as fast as possible. >> reporter: her husband waiting for her near the finish described the confusion among the spectators. >> the people at the finish line and they were busy helping the wounded and trying to get people out safely so i don't think there was time for communication right then and there. >> it was a the loudest thing i've ever heard: and i turned around and there was a cloud of smoke. >> reporter: the calls that he and other runners in the
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finishing chute could only watch helplessly as volunteers cleared way for first responders and first responders running to help the wounded. >> just anger, wanting to go after somebody, that was my immediate reaction. >> reporter: you see the stream of people coming here to pay their respect. but most of the bay area families that we met are boarding a flight home in about an hour. coming up at 6:00, we're going to tell you about the promise they have resolved to keep when they return. reporting live from boston,patti lee. >> the fbi confirmed that the explosive device used were made of pressure cookers. they allowed pressure to build up with heat. afghan terrorists training camp teach how to convert pressure
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cookers into ieds. one reason the pressure cookers may be favored among attackers is they are inconspicuous. people are keyed in to look for weapons and pressure cookers like these would not cause concern. an investigation explained how to make such an explosive. the subject was called make a mom in the kitchen of your mom. around the country and here in the bay area flags are flying half staff to honor the victims of the attacks. our cameras were live at the juvenile detention center. that's where a deputy lowered the flag in tribute and to honor those killed. in a proclamation the president
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said that the flags are to remain lowered until saturday at sunset in a show of respect for the bombing victims. flags at u.s. embassies are also flying half staff. and security is beefed up in washington. many people there say they are grateful for the extra security. >> i think we do a good job of closing down the areas where there could be danger. >> a little nervous. the unexpected, things you cannot plan for. >> reporter: today canines and officers scanned the street. police took garbage cans out of their frames. the house intelligence committee is going to be briefed this week. >> don't jump to any conclusions, let's get the facts then we'll act on those
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facts. >> reporter: thompson also repeated the message. if you see something that shouldn't be happening report it. we have much more coverage of the boston bombings for you in the next half hour. bespeak to experts who tell us how the investigation is going to work out -- we speak to experts who tell us how the investigation is going to play out. in the south bay, people are being urged to conserve electricity tonight. that after vandals struck a phone distribution center. our health and science editor john fowler is live near the coyote neighborhood just south of san jose with late afternoon tonight on the repairs that are being made, john. >> reporter: i just got key details about this apparent act of attack. just beyond those trees is a pg & e substation. there's crews trying to restore
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phone. someone with technical knowledge of communication systems attacked this area early this morning. first cutting fiberoptic cables in two underground vaults that shut down emergency 911 phone land service to gilroy police and others that's still out. also using a high powered rifle on substation equipment 30 to 40 shots. >> there is an oil leak as a result of the shots to the station. >> reporter: someone had cut through the security fence and gained access. someone cut a majored shared fiberoptic phone cable. probably the same people. >> certainly the cutting of the power the fiberoptic cables was intentional. so if you want to call that
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sabotage that's what it looks like. >> reporter: investigators have some clues shell casings and video although it was 1:26 and dark. they say they have no service. although pg & e says there is severe damage to some of its equipment to customers have lost power. still the state's electrical operator is asking the south bay to conserve electricity until about midnight tonight as a precaution. john fowler, ktvu. american airlines grounded more than 700 flights across the country due to a break down of its computer reservation system. they will fix the problem by 1:30 but warn that passengers should expect delays for the rest of the day. most of the flights were from dallas or to and from chicago.
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>> we have been waiting for three hours and now i went there and asked for a solution and they said i have to be in brazil tomorrow morning. and she said okay i'll do something for you. >> reporter: american says it's offering free ticket changes or refunds for stranded fliers. >> the family of a little girl is grieving her devastating lossful we'll -- devastating loss. we'll tell you what happened behind this house and her attempt to save her. >> and we'll talk about possible frost in some areas. we'll talk about that and also what to expect tomorrow.
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a family in san jose is mourning the loss of their little girl afterfire ripped through their home this morning. >> reporter: there's no damage from an overnight fire on the outside of this home on fifth street in japan town but the family who lives inside say they feel destroyed by the tragedy that took place on their property last night.
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we were told by relatives that 7-year-old mariah angel gomez was the little girl found dead after a fire yesterday morning. >> we were trying to get in the house. my daughter and him were screaming to try to go in there and get her. but we could not get her. >> reporter: firefighters found her body in a bunk bed in the garage that had been converted to a bedroom. when she came back she found her youngest daughter outside suffering from burns. >> once she saw her little girl with her hair burning she brought her inside and try to cool her. and then the grandmother went outside to try to help the other girl. >> my dad said when he went in he heard her crying he was calling for her. he say mariah, mariah and he
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heard her crying. after he went to try to help her, he didn't hear her anymore. >> somebody gave me some flowers and i thought i would bring them to her. anything she needs from me, she's tired, cleaning, anything she needs i am here for her. >> reporter: they are still investigating what may have started this fire. janine de la vega, ktvu news. about three hours earlier another fire broke out at a home in south danielway. the house was engulfed in flames when they got here just after 8:30, stroápbg winds made it difficult to battle the flames. they pulled an elderly woman but said they could not save her. another woman was found dead in the home. the body was badly burned. the cause of this fire is under investigation. investigators are still looking for what sparked a fire. it broke out at 10:30 last night at lovely sweets and snacks. it took firefighters more than
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two hours to put the flames out. those flames smoldered and then flaired up again about 6:00 this morning. no one was injured. authorities have not given an estimate for the cost of the damage. police arrested two men after their one of their unmarked patrol cars was hit by bullets this morning. the arrest happened after a short chase. they noticed three cars and several people hanging out in the hunters point neighborhood. as the officers turned to leave their car was hit by bullets. eight people were eventually detained the officers were not injured by the gunfire. it is a sad day for the family and friends of clint bowyer. they held a memorial and funeral. he was also a student at the
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church's school and attended service there when in town to visit family. the suspect in a shooting and fiery crash that killed three people in the las vegas strip is now back in nevada. las vegas police took this video of him in you tube. you see him arriving overnight in las vegas to face charges. kevin cherry jr. was shot and killed in that shooting. a police canine dog helped immigration agents recapture a man that ran to the south bay. immigration officers had taken the man into custody in sunny vale for failing to comply with deportation orders. but the man failed to comply. sunny vale police joined in the search, a police dog located the escapee in a mobile home park. let's go now to our chief
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meteorologist bill martin. we're talking about this wind but you have a temperature change to talk to us about. >> certainly less wind than yesterday. it was windy and breezier now. but across the country we've got all sorts of weather. we have severe thunderstorms warnings out in the central ohio valley. we've got fire weather warnings here in new mexico. that's because of the strong winds. out west we have a small craft advisory offshore. because the winds are blowing pretty strong. we have small craft advisory in the bay as well. you can see what's going on up in tahoe. we have a few snow showers out there. it's been a cold, windy, showery days. it's still breezy. 25miles per hour at the san francisco airport. 20 at half-moon bay. these are down. we were doing 28, 35, 45 miles per hour at this time last night. fairfield 21, when i come back
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we'll have the complete forecast on a warm up. we'll see you back here. >> we go straight to oakland police headquarters the police the public information officer is updating us on the homicide involving quinn bowyer the paramedic. >> passed away from his injuries on april 4th. that is mr. quinn bowyer. at this time i'm going to turn it over to chief howard jordan. i would like to ask you if you can reserve any questions until after the chief provides the information then we'll go into questions from the media. okay, thank you very much. >> thank you. first let me start out by offering my condolences to the family of 26 victims due to
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violence. in the last week of april two homicides occurred that caused community concerns one was mr. boywyer's murder and mr. flucker who took place on april 6. though unrelated both murders shared a similarity. both were outstanding citizens minding their business, carrying on their business and were met with violence that caused them to get killed. funerals of both men were attended by my staff and arrests were made and charges were filed against the person responsible for mr. flucker's funeral. that particular case the family got answered and they got answered very quickly. in this particular case it took us a little longer. today as i mentioned earlier we
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attended the funeral of mr. clint bowyer and we shared the concern and the sadness that this family and the pain they suffered with the innocent loss of life. i am deeply, deeply concerns that the person that's responsible for this man's murder raised in the age of 14 to 16 years old, that is unacceptable. this is a disturbing trend that we've noticed here in this city. that far too often in recent past we've noticed that the age of the suspects involved in many violent crime including robberies have now ranged between 13 to 17. this again is unacceptable and i call on the parents. the school district adults to help change the cycle, the vicious psych that has taken
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place -- cycle that has taken place in this city that they've found it easy to pull a trigger. that is simply not going to be accepted. we need to step up to the plate and change the trend of young people finding it easy to shoot somebody and that was what happened in this case. we want to resolve every crime. i will continue to work hard with these groups, the schools, the community, clergy to help reduce violent crime in oakland. we're working with our outreach workers to prevent these senseless acts of violence. i want to thank those who came forward in this case. we had a lot of help.
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a lot of help from common citizens who were all struck by this senseless violence. we want to thank them for coming forward and sharing this information. a lot of which was used to help apprehend these suspects. you've been listening here to oakland police chief howard jordan talk about arrests that have been made in the death of quintin bowyer who was shot and killed while making a stop. they are all between the ages of 14 and 16. and the chief says he's noticing the disturbing trend in crime when it comes to oakland. that the ages of the people involved in these crimes are really coming down. most of them now between 13 and 17 years old. >> the police chief called on the community and parent specifically to help guide youngsters into a life away from violence and he also thanked the many citizens he said helped in the investigation. but again, this news comes on a day when the family and friends
5:25 pm
of quinn bowyer laid him to rest. we just told you about his funeral and now breaking news from opd. five arrests made in his killing. we'll be right back with more. if a natural disaster or terrorist attack happened here in the city, are our first responders prepared? california lawmakers are cracking down on guns, what could be illegal and what might get banned under proposed legislation. >> plus, how clean is your favorite restaurant? the quick way to get inspection results before you take a bite. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. on your prepaid card?
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for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. in san francisco, the construction of a new energy efficient building is officially under way after a ground breaking ceremony this morning. the building is located at 350 mission street and it is said to be san francisco's first lead platinum certified tower
5:28 pm
based on energy use and its environmental design. the tower is expected to be 30% more energy efficient and use 30% less water than traditional office buildings. the building has been preleased. currently the app is only available to phones using google's android operating system. bloomburg interviewed adam meserri. he says the social network is interested in expanding the app. those are just conversations no formal deal in the works. on wall street, stocks moved into positive territory. the dow closed at 14,756. the s & p rose 22 to 1574. we're about to bring you an update on the bombings at the boston marathon finish line. including what we learned about
5:29 pm
some of the victims. >> trying to solve the boston marathon bombing, hear what a former fbi agent saying investigators are looking for and looking at.
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you're looking at the most complex crime scene boston investigators have ever faced. we're also learning more about the victims of the boston marathon tragedy. tim asher joins us with more information about those who were lost and those who were hurt in the blast. >> reporter: we're now hearing
5:32 pm
more about the three innocent lives that were cut short so tragically yesterday. no word yet on why. >> we are asking anyone who may have heard someone speak about the marathon or the date of april 15th in any way that indicated that he or she may target the event to call us. someone knows who did this. >> reporter: they say they'll try to reconstruct the bombs which were apparently made from pressure cookers hidden in backpacks on nylon bags. nail fragments, bbs and scraps of black nylon have been collected. we can now put the names and faces to those killed. crystal and 8-year-old richards who is seen on a facebook page that is seen, no more hurting
5:33 pm
people, peace. >> patients are progressing. some faster than others of course. and there are still many of these patients who still need operations both tomorrow, the next day and friday. >> reporter: president obama will be traveling to boston thursday to a memorial dedicated to the victims. >> this was a heinous and cowardly act. given what took place the fbi is investigating it as an act of terrorism. >> reporter: we're now hearing about the third victim who lost her life from the finish line two blocks away. she was a chinese national and graduate from boston university. her family has requested that her name not be released. back to you. >> the organizers of the boston marathon have vowed that the attack will not stop the
5:34 pm
events. they call the marathon a deeply rooted tradition and a piece of the fabric of our community. many bay area runners who participated in the boston marathon returned home today. and that included 80-year-old katherine beyers who is a former mayor of santa cruz. our crews met up with her, she said she was just a half a mile from the finish line. >> we still didn't know. that was hard. i thought i will just keep running. certainly that's something going on but it didn't occur to me it was at the finish line it just didn't. i didn't hear that. i just heard there was an explosion. but then we certainly saw it and, it was terrible. terrible. >> reporter: this was biebers ninth time running in the boston marathon. tonight there were swarms of police investigators going
5:35 pm
through every piece of debris. what specifically authorities will be looking at, rob roth. >> reporter: those in law enforcement here in san francisco say solving the boston bombings will require meticulous attention to video and photography. going through video is very important. the fbi will use the video to create a precise time line. >> also try to find out who left the scene. who left the scene after it was placed. there'll be people who most people are there to watch the finish. but there's also people who saw people come in then they left. so it's a difficult process. >> reporter: investigators will also likely cross check video
5:36 pm
from other places like airports, hardware stores. >> information may become valuable five or ten down the line. >> reporter: near by cell phone tower, authorities believe cell phones may have triggered the bombs. >> try to connect the exact moment of detonation to the exact moment a call came in. then they can get a number that was used for the detonation. >> reporter: agents are likely contacting informants inside extremist groups overseas to see if they have heard anything. >> by the way the device is manufactured they can often tell you know the individual bomb maker. >> reporter: and gascon says important tips may have come from citizens who may have noticed something. the fbi has a hot line for people to come in. >> they are sometimes better equipped than anybody else to talk about maybe an outsider who came into the community a few days before. >> reporter: the head of the boston fbi office says authorities will go to the ends of the earth to find those
5:37 pm
responsible. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. and in ten minutes, san francisco has several mayor events coming up including the beta breakers break and the america's cup. there are also plans for a new arena for the warriors. so will what happened in boston change plans here? pat som era ll is being remembered as an elite nfl broadcaster. he called games for many years. many of those years were along time former oakland raiders coach john madden. summ era ll also played 10 seasons with the cardinals and new york giants. a juvenile court hearing was held today for the boy accused in the sexual attack of a 15-year-old girl who committed suicide afterward. we'll show you the complicated legal case that is shaping up
5:38 pm
for the teenagers. [ birds chirping ]
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a juvenile court hearing was held for two boys. a 15-year-old committed suicide after pictures of a sexual attack were released. robert handa live with what
5:41 pm
could happen next. >> reporter: the first steps toward a possible trial took place here at the juvenile center. we were told by parties involved a judge was going to decide whether to keep the accused boys detained here or be released to their parents. the big legal decision remains, will they be tried as adults. >> reporter: the family of audrey pot and their legal team arrived this morning. the judge likely reminded everybody in the courtroom that today's hearing must be kept private and the pots family did so by leaving the center through a back entrance. leaving a message for the media. >> the hearings are confident because they involve juveniles. whether a decision was made has not made public. a deputy attorney refused to confirm any details but said it would be up to his office whether juveniles should be tried as adults.
5:42 pm
>> and say your honor this young man or this young woman cannot be rehabilitated in the -- in the juvenile system. some sexual offenses where a person may be intoxicated or incapacitated. >> reporter: today's attention hearing will have no bearing on that somewhere >>-- there are many minors that are in juvenile hall facing many charges that were detained but not charged as adults. >> reporter: clark says it could take up to a month before a decision is made. and at this hour, we do not know if a decision was made on the teenagers status. a bus driver is facing serious charges after security cameras caught him beating up a passenger. take a look at this video. it shows the driver repeatedly beating the man. the driver says he was having a problem with the passenger and
5:43 pm
left him in the middle of the road. the driver ended up losing his job and is faced in court to face charges. what san francisco's major told us today about plans for the big event. and back here in 10 minutes, a little warmer today. a continued warm upcoming but first we have a very chilly morning to talk about. some frost possible we'll see you here in 10 minutes. if an natural disaster or terrorist attack happened here in the bay area are the cities prepared. we'll tell you the city's plans to keep lines of communication open. >> california lawmakers are cracking down on guns, what could be illegal and what might get banned under proposed legislation. >> plus, how clean is your favorite restaurant? the quick way to get inspection results before you take a bite. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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meningococcal meningitis, a rare but serious disease. health officials recommend vaccination. go to
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in the wake of the boston
5:46 pm
bombings, there's been security changes here at home. and david stevenson has why trash cans may be missing in the beta breakers marathon. >> reporter: in the wake of the boston bombings, officers are out in force patrolling the city's attractions. >> we will be treating this as if it were after september 11. >> reporter: at a ribbon breaking, mayor lee told us he's consulting with police on the upcoming beta breakers marathon. >> i'm concerned about the use of trash cans, maybe along the rout we might remove them. >> reporter: sports fans will
5:47 pm
have little to fear. >> you pretty much have controlled access in and out. you have places where you can check bags. i think that when the warriors new venue is built you will find it's the safest place in america. for now it's unclear how long police will step up pa -- patrols or how much it will cost. >> public security, there's no cost. we have to do what we have to do. that's going to be our priority. >> reporter: and basketball fans should expect a larger than normal presence of police for a soccer match between mexico and peru. budget cuts from congress will soon reduce the number of free exhibitions at the smithsonian institution in washington, d.c. one reason is u.s. park police are being furloughed. the smithosnian secretary said
5:48 pm
they must begin rolling closures. organizers of the outside lands music festival in golden gate park announced a concert line up today and boy it includes some super stars. how about that, paul mccartner is going to headline the festival which runs august 9 through the first. other artists scheduled to appear include the red hot chilly peppers, nine inch nails, phoenix and willie nelson. general admission tickets are set to go on sail on thursday. and the sacramento zoo gave a look at the new baby baboons. this is the first time in two decades that a baboon has been
5:49 pm
born at the oakland zoo. the mother was actually already excepting when she arrived with a group of baboons that was recently moved to oakland. >> i bet a lot of parents are snuggling their children closer because it's cold out there. >> it's going to be colder out there. frost in some areas. we got a little bit of frost this morning. some frost out in the backyards. frost tomorrow morning in the coldest spots. these are the current temperatures or current highs from today. 69 in antioch. there you go. the warm spot was out there in santa rosa. 70-degree. temperatures tomorrow, well they're coming up a good, coming up a good five to 8 degrees. take a look at the live radar. there's a few clouds in the area. the wind advisories around the bay have been dropped. obviously dropped yesterday. the current temperatures are on the mild side 68 in oakland. 67 right now in santa rosa. temperatures are going to drop to pretty cool points. we're going to see 36 in napa.
5:50 pm
36 in fairfield. these numbers are cool enough to get you some frost. you go out to forestville or further east up toward the davis area. you might see numbers cooler than that. as we go through the next few days the high pressure building in. forget the cold numbers those go away after tomorrow. we see a general upward spike in temperatures and they work their way into the 80s as we go toward the end of the week. it's going to be nice. not hot but nice. the high pressure owning the area. the wind forecast, this computer model shows wind speeds. tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., this responds with 11-mile an hour wind. and as you go into that's tomorrow morning. as you go into tomorrow afternoon not too bad either. but still breezy offshore. you go out a little shorter and you see the winds go away thursday and friday. that's when you get the big warm up when there's less wind you're going to see the winds
5:51 pm
trickle down. there won't be a lot of offshore component to the winds and temperatures will warm. forecast highs tomorrow, for cities where you live or near where you live. lots of upper 70s. somebody could pop an 80 tomorrow. we're going to see plenty of low and mid-70s tomorrow. as you work your way around the bay. pacifica 62 they're up from where they were yesterday in the 50s. no rain for sure. nice looking bay area forecast. >> sure is, thank you. could it have been prevented? a washington bureau has been looking into how the massachusetts officials spent homeland security money. where we learned that money was actually used for.
5:52 pm
they have no idea what it was like
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just weeks before yesterday's explosions in boston, federal investigators accuse massachusetts officials of miss using some of their security money. those funds were meant for security equipment and programs but scott mcfarland reports, much of the money was instead spent on management. it is a story you will see only on #. only on 2. >> reporter: security officials
5:55 pm
may have spent federal tax funds on outdated risks. what's more the feds question whether management pocketed much of the money on management and administrative costs which typically includes staff salaries. that's more than they are allowed to spend on management cost. in fact, we've heard massachusetts must pay back taxpayers on the costs. >> they can't afford on their own dime. that was the theory these forces wouldn't buy this type of equipment if the feds department step in and help them. >> reporter: a spoking woman says the reason why their training was outdated is because it was waiting on the federal government to get new
5:56 pm
training. massachusetts has long been a big recipient of security money. $100million plus in security grants since 2004. this group proving what the feds have long suspected boston is a high profile target. scott macfarlane. cleveland brown's owner jimmy hafland is speaking out about a federal investigation. he's if ceo of the pilot flying j. yesterday agents raided the company headquarters and sent workers home. tonight he says he is confident, and it appears to be a criminal investigation into rebates offered by the company. search warrants were served on the company but said the reasons for those warrants are sealed. shock is turning to grief tonight. in two minutes we go back to massachusetts that's where candles are being lit right now to honor those killed and injured. and sob -- sabotage in the
5:57 pm
east bay. we're talking to officials who say vandals have put the silican valley on an energy alert. map
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we have breaking news to report tonight on the fatal shooting of an off duty paramedic in the east bay. oakland police chief howard jordan announced that within the past 24 hours five arrests were made in the murder of quinn bowyer. bowyer was driving in the oakland hills on april 2nd when he was shot in the head. he tried to drive off but lost control of his car and plunged into a ravine. bowyer died two days later. >> i am deeply deeply concerned by the fact that the persons responsible for this man's murder range in the age of 14 to 16 years old. that is unacceptable. >> reporter: today chief jordan and his staff attended quinn bowyer's funeral. it was held in oakland where bowyer once served as an altar boy. mow the

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Duration 01:00:00
Scanned in San Francisco, CA, USA
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Tuner Channel 13 (213 MHz)
Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 704
Pixel height 480
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Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 4/17/2013